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CAVI -T The Universal Intranasal Baloon

A novel approach for an atraumatic management of intranasal bleeding. Controlling anterior and posterior epistaxis with an universal reference.

CAVI-T® advantages

Advantages for healthcare professionals

Treatment of anterior and posterior bleeding

Low pressure balloon allowing optimal conformation to the anatomy

Easy insertion with alignment markers for guided and

controlled positioning

Rapid control of bleeding (90% of patients at 1h)(1)

Homogenenous compression of the nasal cavity allowing the

reduction of blood secretions

Functions in complex cases (e.g. elderly coagulopathic population)

Designed to promote ambulatory care

Potential to reduce readmission rates

Distancing between the patient and healthcare professional Advantages for patients

Quality of life improvement:

Reduced pain upon removal (1.6 / 10 on VAS*)(1)

Breathing channel

Visually discreet product

Rapid return to daily life activities

Removal by a home-care nurse

(1) Pilot clinical trial of an asymmetrical balloon (CAVI-T™) in the treatment of intranasal bleeding in adult patients managed in an emergency setting. C Debry et al. Manuscript submitted to Rhinology Online on May 4th, 2020.

* VAS = Visual Analogue Scale C

Epistassi nasale
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